Fleet Intelligence adds voice controls

Nov. 13, 2023
Software recognizes English and Spanish commands.
Foresight Intelligence
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Fleet Intelligence asset management software can now be controlled by voice in English and Spanish. Using a mobile device, users can ask for real-time information about the equipment being used for a project. This can include equipment location, usage, maintenance, and inspection details, all based on the person’s specific role on the project, according to the supplier, Foresight Intelligence.  

The new AI-powered voice control features for Fleet Intelligence are purposely designed to be easy to deploy and use, with no training required or technology expertise needed, according to the company. The new features allow the technology to be quickly adopted by teams because it aligns with how they prefer to work and is as simple as pushing a button and asking for the information they need, promoting safety, ease of use in the field, and efficiency.  

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“The construction industry continues to face an extreme labor shortage worldwide, and Fleet Intelligence helps our customers manage more equipment with fewer people,” said Dale Hanna, CEO, in a statement. “We’re taking those productivity gains to an even higher level with the introduction of our voice-enabled, multi-language capabilities of Fleet Intelligence, which will increase the effectiveness of every team member. Construction managers, fleet supervisors, technicians, and operators will be able to access relevant fleet and equipment data in their preferred language with the power of their voice.” 

Fleet Intelligence AI is purpose-built for the construction industry, designed to provide insights into every aspect of the mixed fleet environment, according to the company.

“Thanks to these effortless voice control features, managing our fleet has become more efficient and streamlined than ever before,” said Jason Watson, inventory control specialist at CJ Hughes, in a statement. “We’re now able to focus on our core tasks without worrying about the complexities of technology. Kudos to Fleet Intelligence for delivering such a user-friendly and hassle-free solution.” 

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Source: Foresight Intelligence.