ISO Approves Global Telematics Standard

July 22, 2016

The International Organization for Standardization (ISO) has approved the mixed-fleet telematics standard submitted by the Association of Equipment Management Professionals (AEMP) and the Association of Equipment Manufacturers (AEM).

ISO will release the final standard within 60 days, but AEM expects no changes from ISO. The ISO mixed-fleet telematics standard will be part of IS0 15143 as a new section, “Part 3: Machine Data,” and will be accessible at the ISO website.

The new ISO mixed-fleet telematics standard enables equipment users to gather more OEM equipment data into their preferred business or fleet management software, providing easier access, improved ability to manage and analyze information across their fleets, and to help save time and money on the job site or within their operations.

John Meese, CEM, Senior Director of Heavy Equipment at Waste Management and AEMP’s Chairman of the Board, said the release represents another milestone in the evolution of telematics use in fleet intensive companies. 

“Today’s equipment management professional understands telematics data is having a huge impact on operational efficiencies, maintenance, safety, and more. This ISO standard is a critical tool for a fleet team to embrace in order to more effectively and efficiently manage their fleet.”

Although ISO is preparing the standard for final posting to its website, AEM and AEMP suggest two steps equipment users can take now.

First, equipment users are advised to check with their manufacturer(s) to determine when/if they plan to comply with the standard and offer data through the standard’s API.

Second, equipment users are advised to also check with the supplier of their preferred business or fleet management software for its plan to support integration of the new API to enable retrieval of their machine data.

“Manufacturers are continually working to help machinery users achieve the greatest benefits from their equipment,” said Domenic Ruccolo, Senior Vice President, Sales & Marketing, Worldwide Construction & Forestry Division, Deere & Company and a Director on AEM’s CE Sector Board. “The telematics standard is a significant step to enable OEMs to provide more value. The standard’s common format allows end users to access telematics data from any machine in their fleet and aggregate it in one place.  Seeing their fleet and data in one spot makes them more productive and allows them to generate insights and improve decision-making.”

Although the standard focuses on earthmoving equipment, data can apply to other types of machinery (data points include location, operating hours, fuel usage, distance traveled, caution codes, idle time, engine operating data and a variety of diagnostic codes). Future plans include expanding the standard’s coverage beyond earthmoving.

The ISO mixed-fleet telematics standard is based on the Draft API standard developed by the two industry trade groups. It was submitted for acceptance to ISO to provide manufacturers, equipment users, fleet managers and all industry stakeholders with a standard they can use confidently across all market areas globally.