Time Lapse Photos Keep Track of Project Progress

Aug. 31, 2020

XL Construction, a general contractor in Northern California, uses automated time-lapse photography from Sensera to manage job sites.

Sensera produced a video case study with XL Construction’s manager of construction technology, Trevor Johnston, who describes how the system provides a live camera feed running over a public URL.

“The camera’s very easy to use, very easy to maintain,” he says in the video. “The admin side doesn’t take dedicated staff, it doesn’t take an IT department.” XL Construction field teams set up the camera system in a few minutes and maintain it for the life of the project, he says.

The photos allow project managers to update project owners or team members. Security is also a benefit, according to Johnston.

“It’s keeping our site safer at night, and keeping the honest people honest, knowing that there’s a camera there, or cameras, and that they don’t want to get caught doing something they shouldn’t be.”

XL also uses the Sensera technology in its bids for new projects, showcasing the photos to illustrate how they manage a project.

Trevor says using the system allows overview of multiple sites without traveling. The time-lapse capability allows managers to review progress, for example, and more efficiently use time.

Source: Sensera