Dealer Training and Integration

April 24, 2015

“Komatsu distributors have employed dedicated Komtrax [Komatsu telematics system] coordinators since the system was introduced in 2005,” says Ken Calvert, machine systems, Komatsu America Corp. “Each year we offer distributors dozens of Komtrax training sessions, focused on best practices and geared toward the audience’s discipline—discussing with senior managers, for example, the business case for using Komtrax information, while emphasizing for the ‘hands-on’ users in product support how to access and interpret data.

“The next level of utilization will come from placing a full set of Komtrax data inside the distributor’s customer-relations-management and accounting systems to allow information to attach seamlessly to the daily activities of the entire staff. Data integration is gaining momentum, and we anticipate that the International Standards Organization will release ISO 15143-3, which addresses work-site information exchange and will give decisions makers more confidence to invest in integration.”