GSSI PaveScan RDM Density Assessment Tool

Oct. 23, 2017

The PaveScan RDM asphalt-density assessment tool from Geophysical Survey Systems (GSSI), a manufacturer of ground-penetrating radar equipment, is designed to provide real-time, non-destructive measurements to determine asphalt integrity during application.

The PaveScan RDM system, says the manufacturer, “is ideal for uncovering problems that occur during the paving process, including poor uniformity and significant variations in density. On the technical side, PaveScan automatically measures the dielectric value to identify anomalies, and these values can be used as a means to correlate percent voids and density in new pavement. Seamlessly integrating with GPS systems, PaveScan features a modular design available as a portable, single-sensor, cart-based system or as a three-sensor configuration using an extended cart or vehicle.