Weather App Forecasts Down to GPS Spot

Oct. 31, 2018

AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions offers hyper-local forecast and severe-weather warnings that it says minimize job-site disruptions and maximize efficiency and safety. AccuWeather services enable job sites to:

  • Quickly enact appropriate safety procedures to shelter employees and trigger an orderly shutdown of a location when threatened by tornadoes, lightning, or other severe weather.
  • Ensure operations restart as soon as expert meteorologists provide an “all-clear” from the weather hazard.
  • Avoid costly shutdowns when severe weather is in the area, but will not impact a specific construction site, despite what public, wide-area warnings may indicate.
  • Protect equipment and ensure operational uptime by anticipating potential power fluctuations and outages from thunderstorms, ice storms, and other severe weather.
  • Help with logistics management by providing weather-related risks to truck operators, so they can stop or reroute, keeping cargo moving on time.

The service also offers an mobile app, which job sites can sync with customized Portal settings that allow the system to send critical weather information to employees via native push notifications. From each notification, employees can access information such as public warnings, null notifications, and lightning proximity notifications based on the device’s current GPS location.

AccuWeather’s proprietary system synthesizes more than 20 terabytes of data including over 176 global forecast models, and more than 100 meteorologists evaluate them using their experience and pattern recognition ability to enhance them and generate thousands of local, regional, and national forecasts. The system monitors down to an exact GPS location.

--Jonathan Porter is VP of business services and general manager of AccuWeather Enterprise Solutions