DPL America Titan Equipment Monitoring System for mobile

Sept. 28, 2010

DPL America, designer and supplier of advanced wireless and GPS products for the construction industry, has released the Titan Equipment Monitoring System for mobile, off-road equipment. The Titan is an advanced solution for remote monitoring and tracking of off-road assets to increase asset profitability and productivity while decreasing costs and risk of equipment theft. The system allows managers to track their assets continuously and accurately from an Internet-based software package. Once installed, the hardware unit wirelessly reports the machine's activity, location, status, and other operational data to the software. Offering a flat rate monitoring plan, the Titan is said to be the construction industry's first telemetry system to break from the traditional mobile phone billing model. The standard phone model offers set plans with an allotted number of communications (similar to minutes on a cell phone), overage charges for excess communications, an activation fee, and annual or multi-year service contracts. DPL America's structure includes all data on a flat rate with no overage charges, no activation fee and a month-to-month service agreement. In addition, DPL America introduces automatic location and status updates based on the asset's routine operational events as they occur throughout the day. By updating this information every time the machine is turned on, off and goes in transit, the Titan gives automatic, up-to-the-minute visibility into the fleet.