Tech to Provide Worker Mental Health Insight

June 24, 2020
Construction worker on site wearing a hardhat.

National framework organization Pagabo has partnered with health tech company Moodbeam to launch a wearable device called Moodbeam One, enabling construction workers to capture mood in real-time. 

According to Mobi Health News, the band allows workers to log how they feel by pressing yellow when they’re feeling good, and blue when not so good. They can connect to the Moodbeam app to sync their moods and understand more about mood patterns and trends, as well as access other related information, such as activity and sleep patterns.

Several studies have shown that mental health is a key concern in the construction sector. According to the Office of National Statistics, between 2011 and 2015, more than 1,400 construction workers took their own lives. 

Workers will now be able to discreetly and anonymously give feedback through the push of a button. The data will be used to pinpoint overall difficulties and challenges on-site, and will give insight into triggers and patterns that shape workers’ daily moods. The app also creates a dashboard for managers, who will be able to access their employee’s mental health data. 

Moodbeam One will be trailed across a number of construction sites, and a wide representation of the industry including the sub-contracted workforce, site project teams, off-site manufacturing teams, and teams working remotely. 

Source: Mobi Health News