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TE Connectivity FPS2800 Oil Property Sensor


Diagnostic Test Equipment

A sensor

The FPS2800 oil property sensor from TE Connectivity (TE) is designed for fluid condition monitoring in applications from industrial machinery and compressors to off-road vehicles.

It measures multiple physical properties allowing simultaneous sensing of the quality, condition, and contaminant of the oil. Installed directly on the equipment, the FPS2800 helps determine the correct time to change the oil and detects system issues that could lead to higher damages. The standard port connection and CAN protocol makes installation simple, the company says. Multi-parametric sensing measures dynamic viscosity, density, dielectric constant, and temperature from a single sensor.

A simple integration fits M14x1.5 ports and features a communication CAN as per SAE J1939 standard. In addition, a stainless steel 316L housing provides long-term performance.

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