Taxiways Reconstructed With Concrete

By Aram Kalousdian, Editor | September 28, 2010

Concrete reconstruction of three taxiways at Grosse Ile Municipal Airport in Grosse Ile, MI, began in August and was completed in October. The existing taxiways were asphalt. The asphalt was pulverized and used as a base. A 6-inch, 35-foot-wide concrete pavement was placed on top of the pulverized asphalt for each of the taxiways. Taxiway C is 3,800 feet long, taxiway E is 1,050 feet long, and taxiway F is 1,300 feet long. New asphalt shoulders were also placed on the project, which also included new lighting and a new electrical vault.

Grosse Ile Municipal Airport handles smaller airplanes. The airport does not handle commercial passenger jet traffic.

The contract amount for the project was approximately $2.2 million. Six-S Inc., of Waterford Township, MI, and C&G Myers, of Milford, MI, was the joint venture for the project.

An 800-psi flexural strength concrete mix was used on the project. The mix has 35-percent slag cement in it. Andrew DeFinis, project manager for Six-S, said that the strength requirement is a little high in order to provide greater durability.

DeFinis said that the existing asphalt taxiways were in very bad shape. "They had a difficult time plowing the taxiways in the winter. This is a tremendous upgrade from what they had," DeFinis said.

Material quantities on the project included 4,200 square yards of concrete slab removal; 40,000 cubic yards of earth excavation; 8,200 cubic yards of sand subbase; 2,000 tons of asphalt shoulder; and approximately 27,000 square yards of concrete pavement.

Subcontractors on the project included John R. Hall Airport Lighting (electrical); Scodeller Construction, of Wixom, MI (joint sealing); R.S. Contracting (striping); Commerce Construction (edge drain); M.D. Hydro Seeding, of Sault Ste. Marie, MI (restoration); and J&M (silt fence).


Project: Reconstruction of three taxiways at Grosse Ile Municipal Airport in Grosse Ile, MI

Prime contractors: Six-S, Inc., of Waterford Township, MI and C&G Myers, of Milford, MI joint venture

Cost: Approximately $2.2 million