Talbert 75-Ton 3+3+3 E3Nitro Spread Axle Trailer

June 2, 2014

Talbert 75-ton 3+3+3 E3Nitro spread axle trailer is an East Coast-style trailer design for Bill Miller Equipment, sold by Hale Trailer.

Traditionally, East Coast trailers have been limited to 65-ton capacities, but by incorporating the Talbert E3Nitro axle extension (nitrogen-assisted dampening system), the company can offer trailer capacities up to 85 tons. When using the new Talbert E3Nitro, an East Coast trailer can be used as a 3-, 4- or 5-axle close couple trailer or in 3+1, 3+2 or 3+3 spread axle configurations. The Talbert 75-ton trailer consists of a 3-axle jeep dolly (a 2-axle jeep with a pin-on 3rd axle), a 3-axle trailer with a flip-under gooseneck extension, and an E3Nitro with three removable flip axles.