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Talbert 55SA-TELE Trailer

The 55-ton Talbert 55SA-TELE extendable trailer has a deck that retracts to 32 feet 6 inches

April 06, 2017

The 55-ton Talbert 55SA-TELE extendable trailer has a deck that extends to 54 feet and retracts to 32 feet 6 inches, providing an overall trailer length of 53 feet. A 90-inch swing radius extends to 114 inches with a gooseneck.

Configurations include four-axle close coupled, 2 + 2 spread axle, or 3 + 1 spread axle. The third and fourth axles can be flipped or removed, plus a 24-inch pinned and hinged gooseneck extension also can be flipped. The trailer has a 29-foot wood deck in the front and a 3-foot Apitong platform in the rear with beams stretching between. It expands and locks in 4-foot increments.

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The 55CC close-coupled lowbed trailer has an 18-inch loaded deck height and a 6-inch ground clearance.

The hauling capacities of Traveling Axle (TA) Series trailers have been increased by 5 tons.

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