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Talbert 50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer


Trucking & Hauling

Talbert 50CC/RP Hybrid Trailer

With a deck length of 26 feet, Talbert’s 50CC/RP hybrid trailer offers the space for full construction fleet loads, while also featuring a specially designed slope to allow easy transport of rollers and pavers. The design slopes from the bottom up to create a more moderate incline over a greater distance, approximately a third of the deck length. Finish height at the front of the main beams is 8 ¾ inches. The trailer also features a bolt-on ramp to provide a more gradual load angle at the rear; 15 degrees rather than the standard 35-degree angle. The 50-ton capacity trailer offers a deck width of 8 feet 6inches and a deck height of 20 inches.

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