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Talbert 50CC-BH Trailer

The 50-Ton Bus Hauler (50CC-BH) trailer allows loading equipment from either the front or rear

June 07, 2017
Talbert 50CC-BH Trailer allows loading equipment from either the front or rear

The 50-Ton Bus Hauler (50CC-BH) trailer allows loading equipment from either the front or rear by using a roller/snatch block arrangement in combination with an in-deck, 20,000-pound-capacity planetary winch with remote-control capability. The 50CC-BH’s 50-ton capacity, says Talbert, accommodates a wide range of oversized equipment, including buses, excavators, motor graders, and Class A trucks. The new trailer, using three close-coupled axles, has a 21-inch deck height, and its 22.5-foot lower deck and 20.4-foot rear bridge provides a 43-foot load base. The 24-inch flip-up gooseneck increases the unit’s 84-inch swing radius to 108 inches, allowing use with three- or four-axle trucks and maintaining an overall trailer length within the 53-foot limit when running empty, thus saving permit costs.T

Talbert designed the trailer with extra steel (heavy-duty T-1/100,000-psi minimum yield) in the main and side beams of the deck and in the gooseneck and rear axles to achieve the 50-ton-capacity rating without significantly increasing trailer weight. Talbert offers the 50CC-BH with heavy-duty, 10-foot removable aluminum ramps that can be stored in compartments at the gooseneck. A low loading angle, front and rear facilitates loading large, low-profile equipment. Standard Valspar R-Cure 800 paint prevents corrosion and provides a long-lasting finish, says the manufacturer.




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