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Tadano GR1200XL-2 Rough-Terrain Crane

The GR1200XL-2 has 120 tons of capacity

January 17, 2017

Newest model in the Tadano rough-terrain lineup is the GR-1200XL, rated at 120 tons capacity and slotted between the company’s 100-ton GR-1000XL and 160-ton GR-1600XL. (The GR-1600XL is a six-wheel machine with operator-selected drive configurations—6x2, first axle driving, and 6x4, first and third axles driving.) The new GR-1200XL, with a 183.6-foot main boom that accommodates a 33-to-58-foot jib, is equipped with the Tadano load-moment-indicator system, which monitors outrigger extended length and automatically programs the system’s corresponding rated-lifting-capacities table.

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