Sept. 28, 2010

Dana's Spicer TE-15HX hybrid drive trainDana engineered its Spicer TE-15HX hybrid drive train specifically for off-highway vehicles.

Dana engineered its Spicer TE-15HX hybriddrive train specifically for off-highway vehicles. Dana is evaluating three-speed and four-speed versions of the concept transmission with ratings between 147 and 235 horsepower. The Spicer TE-15HX is an electric parallel hybrid featuring dual-power-path transmission controls. The system continuously selects the proper combination of diesel and electric power (stored in super capacitors) for optimum productivity at reduced fuel consumption, emissions, noise, and engine idling. Whenever possible, the TE-15HX controller disengages the diesel engine and supplies power from the super capacitors for inching and other low-energy-consumption functions. The generator also powers lights, climate control, and other electrical accessories. For light loads, the diesel engine alone powers the vehicle while the electric device serves charges the super capacitors. Vehicle braking energy is also used to recharge the capacitors.