OEMs Form Sustainable Equipment Organization

April 30, 2024
Organization focuses on providing solutions and a knowledge base for decarbonization across the industry.
Community of Sustainable Equipment Actors (CAMD).
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Ten companies, including OEMs JCB, Volvo, Manitou Group, Haulotte; construction firms Bouygues Construction, Colas, Eiffage, Kiloutou, NGE; and rental company Salti, have teamed up to form the Community of Sustainable Equipment Players (CAMD) with the purpose of accelerating the "environmental transformation of the construction equipment industry," it says.

The exclusively France-based organization is focused on creating a common knowledge base resulting from the studies, work, and projects commissioned by the organization is a lever for efficiency and accelerating the transformation, according to the organization. The knowledge base is therefore intended to be shared with current and future members of the CAMD to feed their individual and common roadmaps for the decarbonization of the sector. 

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CAMD will pursue 5 key objectives:

  • Provide practical solutions and support cross-sector projects.
  • Build a knowledge base and a common decarbonization trajectory.
  • Raise the profile of the materials sector and its role in the transition of the construction.
  • Defend, alongside the trade federations, the convictions of a sustainable industry.
  • Foster a shared vision and ambition for decarbonising the industry.

The five key objectives will be monitored and implemented by an operational committee made up of representatives from the ten member companies. Their role will be to identify and lead cross-functional projects focusing on the sector's technological challenges (energy, powertrains, carbon footprints and measurements) and regulatory developments. 

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