Topcon Positioning Systems Introduces New Initiatives to Push Sustainable Agriculture Practices

Dec. 4, 2023
A new research center and conversion to solar power at the Topcon headquarters are moving the company toward sustainable agriculture practices.

A new global team from Topcon Positioning Systems is introducing a series of environmental sustainability developments and initiatives to move the company's multiple divisions toward more sustainable agricultural practices. 

“Sustainability has long been a part of the fabric of Topcon and is something we take very seriously as we take actions to support our global initiatives,” said Michael Gomes, vice president of Global Sustainability and Corporate Social Responsibilty at Topcon, in a statement. “As we look ahead, we’ll endeavor to support, at every level, the advancement of the industries and communities we serve. The work we do is modeled on the sustainable development goals adopted at the United Nations Summit in 2015 and has been part of Topcon’s vision statement since 2016.”

A new 60-acre Research and Validation Center in Topcon's headquarters in Livermore, California provides an ecologically diverse location that will support the increasing needs for research and validation of new technologies. 

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The site was strategically planned in collaboration with students and faculty from the BioResource and Agricultural Engineering Department at Cal Poly San Luis Obispo. The team employed a multi-disciplinary approach, providing a site analysis with soil evaluations and recommended crops, maps for planting, and additional site development recommendations.
This new facility joins global validation centers in Concordia, Italy, and Adelaide, Australia, all working on research and validation of innovative precision technologies. “Through these three centers, there is research and testing underway at Topcon, somewhere in the world, any time of day,” Gomes said.
Another recent initiative is the conversion to solar power for the Livermore campus. Once the project is completed, the campus, including multiple buildings, manufacturing facilities and electric car charging stations, will be powered by solar energy.

Source: Topcon Positioning Systems

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