Deere Tips on Exhaust Filter Cleaning and Service

Nov. 11, 2010

Emissions-reducing exhaust filters in aftertreatment systems, also known as diesel particulate filters, or DPFs, require periodic cleaning. Cleaning the exhaust filter, sometimes referred to as regeneration, eliminates soot that accumulates during normal operation.

How to clean a DPF

Exhaust filter cleaning can occur in several ways. During moderate- to high-load operation, high exhaust temperatures enable “passive” cleaning. Passive cleaning occurs automatically without impacting machine operation. When exhaust temperatures during normal operation are not high enough or achieved frequently enough to support passive cleaning, “active” filter cleaning occurs. Active cleaning also occurs periodically on the fly, and, like passive cleaning, does not impact machine operation.

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In John Deere equipment, the John Deere Exhaust Temperature Management system ensures DPF inlet temperatures are above thresholds required to facilitate active cleaning. Moreover, machine operators have the ability to initiate a parked, active cleaning when they desire.

Generally, exhaust filters will need dealer servicing around 3,000 to 5,000 hours, depending on horsepower, to remove ash that has accumulated from normal operation. Based on machine operation, the interval for filter servicing can extend beyond the minimum maintenance interval.

An authorized OEM dealer or other qualified service provider must perform this service. John Deere dealers can provide a remanufactured DPF to replace the filter and maintain uptime. They can also reset the engine control computer to inform it that a replacement DPF has been installed.

Machines with IT4-certified engines have systems to warn of any unusual build-up in the DPF and feature a visual aid to alert when service is needed and help prevent unscheduled downtime. For example, John Deere IT4 machines have a monitor with comprehensive exhaust filter-related operation and maintenance information, including a soot-level indicator. The easy-to-read indicator features a rectangular bar that represents filter soot level. Lamps indicate when exhaust temperature management and active cleaning are in progress and when the operator has disabled automatic filter cleaning.

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