Survey: Contractors Expect Rental Activity to Increase



Excavator digging on a construction site.

According to a survey conducted by the American Rental Association (ARA), of the professional construction contractors who rented equipment in the past year, a majority expects to increase reliance on rental in the year ahead. 

The “Rental Customer Needs Study” conducted by RSG, an independent research firm for ARA, found that 93 percent of professional contractors surveyed rented equipment in the last year. Of those who rented, 92 percent planned to rent as much as last year, and 52 percent expected to increase renting over the next year. 

Lifts, scaffolding, backhoes, dump trucks, and mini excavators are the most popular rental items among contractors, according to the study. Reasons included: making more rental sense than buying (45 percent); equipment was needed for immediate use only (43 percent); and they needed to use equipment infrequently or for a short time (43 percent).

Contractors who expect to rent more next year will do so because they plan to use current rentals more frequently, or plan to take on more quick-turnaround projects.

Source: ARA