Strata Systems Soil Reinforcement Geogrid Offered in 18-Foot Wide Rolls

Staff | September 28, 2010

The StrataGrid line of geosynthetic products is now offered in 18-foot widths. Measuring 18 feet wide by 600 feet long, each StrataGrid panel unfurls to cover 1,200 square yards of subsoil.

An advanced geogrid fabric made exclusively from high tenacity, knitted polyester yarns and manufactured by Strata Systems in an array of grid apertures strengths and designs, StrataGrid provides superior grade separation performance in segmental retaining wall and slope soil reinforcement applications and needs only a simple overlap connection between end rolls.

StrataGrid unrolls flat, retaining virtually no materials memory and maintains uniform contact with subgrade contours, making it easier to install in cold weather. The same properties also mean StrataGrid is easier to backfill and less likely to be damaged during fill placement operations plus it provides an easy-to-grip surface under all weather conditions.

Bi-directional tensile strength is achieved by placing opposing layers of StrataGrid directly on top of each other with no soil between the layers, resulting in significant savings in construction time, labor and materials cost. Even when no soil is backfilled between opposing layers, StrataGrid develops full pullout and anchorage capacity.