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Stone WBR650 Roller


Vibratory, Walk-Behind Rollers

Stone WBR650 RollerFor maximum traction when compacting on inclines, a positraction system powers both drums on Stone’s new walk-behind roller. Powered by a 10-horsepower Lombardini diesel engine, the double-drum Stone WBR650 offers compaction force of 2,925 foot-pounds with a drum width of 25.5 inches for work on parking lots, road shoulders and large sidewalks. Centrally-located eccentrics evenly distribute compaction force over the drums. The WBR650’s 10-inch curb clearance and 1-inch side clearances allow for operation in tight areas. Managed by a hydrostatic transmission, the Stone roller boasts a maximum travel speed of 2.5 mph. A large-capacity water tank for asphalt work comes standard.