By Heather Burlingame, Senior Production Editor | September 28, 2010

Stone Compactors.Three models have been added to the Stomper line of 4-cycle rammers. Models XH670, XH730 and XH840 are each powered by a Honda engine, specifically designed for rammer applications. The engine eliminates use of 2-cycle oil or pre-mixing of fuel, and is designed to allow the rammer to be laid down in any direction for easy transport. The 3-hp XH670 weighs 132 lb., has an impact force of 2,650 lb., and has a 10×13-in. poly shoe. The 3-hp XH730 weighs 140 lb., has a force of 3,100 lb., and an 11×13-in. shoe. Weighing 145 lb., the 4-hp XH670 has a force of 3,500 lb. and an 11×13-in. shoe.