StarLite®-SM Safety Eyewear For Narrow Faces

Staff | September 28, 2010

Properly fitting eye protection is critical to ensure worker compliance and, in today’s diverse workplace, one size doesn’t usually fit all. That’s why Gateway Safety® designed the StarLite®-SM version of its best-selling StarLite® protective eyewear. StarLite-SM provides all of the advantages of the original design, but it’s especially tailored to fit smaller, narrow faces. With the comfortable, appropriately sized StarLite-SM, workers are less likely to remove their eye protection, and that means greater security for your workers.

Safety glasses should touch the face in three places—at the nose bridge and behind each ear. They should rest firmly on top of the nose and close to, but not against, the face. If the nose piece slides down even slightly, the worker will lose some protection.

Ten percent smaller, but with the same snug fit as the classic StarLite model, StarLite-SM provides exceptional impact protection, durability, superior optical quality, and fashionable design. StarLite-SM shares with its larger counterpart the revolutionary dual 9.75 base curvature viewing area, permitting wide, unobstructed vision. The scratch-resistant polycarbonate lenses filter out more than 99.9 percent of harmful UV-A and UV-B rays. StarLite-SM meets ANSI Z87.1 standards. Lenses are available in Clear, Gray, Clear Anti-Fog, or Mirror finish.

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