Stanley TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer

April 16, 2015
Stanley TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer

The TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer (model STHT77343) features Bluetooth connectivity that syncs the TLM99s to smart phones and tablets via the Stanley Floor Plan App.

Its automatic calculations include square footage, volume, and distance. The multi-functional TLM99s Laser Distance Measurer is small enough to fit in a pocket. With a range of 100 feet, the unit is accurate to within +/-3/32 inch and allows one user to take long measurements without assistance. The TLM99s also features an addition and subtraction function for convenient calculations in the field and can be set to work in English or metric, or fractional or decimal modes. The handheld, battery-powered device features state-of-the-art electronics and an easy-to-read LCD screen.