By Walt Moore, Senior Editor | September 28, 2010

Saber SeriesThe new Stanley LaBounty MSD Saber Series line of shears offers four models, the MSD 1500, 1500R, 7500 and 7500R (R for rotating). Required carrier operating-weight classes for these tools are 15, 18, 61 and 72 metric tons, respectively. The shears feature a reversible, bolt-on Saber Tip, designed to allow rotating or changing the tip in 15 minutes. A Dual-Glide slide-puck system supports the upper jaw on both sides, which lengthens pivot and jaw life. A spool-type speed valve is designed to shorten cycle times, and large-bore cylinders with forged rods and new seals are capable of operating pressures up to 5,500 psi.