Standard Hamilton Dump Insert

September 28, 2010

A dump insert is now available from Standard Hamilton for light-duty pickup truck models such as Ford Rangers and Dodge Dakotas. As with the full-size Dump-Pro model, the new Compact Dump-Pro transforms a standard hauling vehicle into a dump truck. With rated capacities of 3,000 pounds for hauling and 2,700 pounds for dumping, the Compact Dump-Pro handles 1.1 cubic yards of material in the basic version and up to 3 cubic yards with the Hi-Sides option. The dumping mechanism is driven by a powered winch system requiring no hydraulics, and can tilt up to 60 degrees. When the dump job is done, the truck can be simply converted back by releasing the Dump-Pro’s clamping system, disconnecting the power with the removable connector, removing a single bolt and sliding the unit out.