Solar Installation Sets Colorado Standard

Staff | September 28, 2010

Denver— The Museum of Nature and Science recently unveiled a new system of solar panels on its roof, the largest system of its kind in the state of Colorado.

In all, 465 panels are divided between roofs on the southeast and southwest wings of the museum. The system features enough power to light up 30 homes, and it also will be used for part of a new science education wing at the museum.

Dave Noel, vice president of Information Technology at the museum, said the 100,000-square-foot facility will have a zero carbon footprint, and he says it is designed to withstand wind gusts of up to 110 miles an hour.

Hybrid energy group, a Denver-based renewable energy investment company, developed and financed the project.

The move is part of a citywide push to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 20 percent in the next four years, for what's known as Greenprint Denver. Negotiations are underway for an even larger solar project on part of the roof at the Colorado Convention Center.

A spokesperson says the system will cover about 40,000 square feet on the Welton Street side of the building, with enough electricity to power 65 homes.

The city hopes to have a portion of the project up and running this summer.