Sokkia CX-500, CX-100LN Total Stations Feature Reflectorless Operation

December 21, 2015

Additions to the CX total station series feature enhanced reflectorless operation: the CX-50 is designed as an entry-level option; the CX-100LN is built to offer a long-range reflectorless EDM.

The CX-50’s reflectorless EDM covers up to 1,148 feet and 13,123 feet with the use of a prism. The CX-100LN features a 6,560-foot non-prism pulse EDM that can measure further than non-prism instruments in this class, the company says. The CX-50 offers 2 and 5 arc second accuracies, a battery life of up to 15 hours, dual axis compensation, a waterproof design, and a laser pointer. The CX-100LN provides 2 and 5 arc second accuracies, a 36-hour battery life, dual axis compensation, a laser pointer, and Bluetooth connectivity.