SnowEx V-Pro 2000 Bulk Spreader for UTVs

July 12, 2016
SnowEx V-Pro 2000 Bulk Spreader for UTVs

The V-Pro 2000 bulk spreader is specifically designed to accommodate the bed dimensions of most UTVs.

The unit addresses applications where only a UTV can go, such as sidewalks, bike paths and driveways. The V-Pro 2000 has a multi-angled hopper, which can carry 880 pounds of salt or sand/salt; the design creates a natural material vortex, the company says, for maximum flow from the top of the hopper to the auger, helping prevent bridging and clogging. Its polyethylene construction resists corrosion and reduces the amount of weight added to the UTV. At 280 pounds, the V-Pro 2000 can be loaded or unloaded without any special equipment.