Sneak Peek: Potain Tower Cranes

September 28, 2010

As a topless tower crane with no cathead, the Potain MDT 268 from Manitowoc offers contractors greater space utilization on sites where multiple cranes are working or where height restrictions are an issue. The jib can also be erected section by section on tight jobsites where space is limited. The largest model in the redesigned MDT range, the 268 is available in a J10 version with an 11-ton maximum capacity and a J12 version with a 13.2-ton maximum capacity. Both versions have a 213-foot jib, with several additional shorter jib options available for greater lifting capacities. Also on display, the second model in Potain’s Igo T range of self-erecting cranes, the T 85 offers working heights between 66 and 115 feet with variations achieved via either telescoping or adding auxiliary sections. Maximum tip height is 157 feet.