Sneak Peek: JCB Backhoe-Loader Refinement

September 28, 2010

The JCB 3C backhoe-loader’s refinements include a redesigned canopy, revised gearing to boost travel speeds to 22 mph, new servo brakes, redesigned loader geometry (providing greater dump angles and roll back), V-shaped bucket-side panels to facilitate pipe handling and a damage-resistant “soft nose”. The 3CX backhoe-loader now uses a Tier-3-compliant DieselMax engine, available in either 92-horsepower or 100-horsepower versions with increased torque. Backhoe-bucket breakout force is up 18 percent, and dipper breakout force is up 10 percent. Dipper-lift and boom-lift capacities also are up 10 percent. Loader-bucket breakout force is up 15 percent, and loader-arm lift capacity is up 4 percent. Revised auxiliary-hydraulic circuits now allow using single-direction attachments, such as hydraulic breakers, and bi-directional implements, such as tilting and swinging buckets. JCB also has developed its first factory-fitted hydraulic thumb attachment for both fixed and extending dipper arm backhoes.