Sneak Peak: Hitachi Excavators

September 28, 2010

As well as a series upgrade for the reduced-tail-swing Zaxis 135US crawler excavator, Hitachi is rolling out an all-new wheeled excavator model. To be displayed with a wrist attachment, the ZX220W-3 incorporates such Hitachi Dash-3 features as the CRES II cab, but also has increased travel speed and acceleration, and a widening of the oscillation angle for a smoother ride over rough terrain. Greater stability allows this machine to move Jersey barriers without the need to extend the outriggers. The ZX135US-3 incorporates Tier 3 emissions standards and comes with the CRES II cab featuring more right-hand glass and low-effort, short-throw levers. Also on display, Hitachi’s large ZX850LC-3 excavator will be equipped with the new Ultimate version of the ZXLink telematics machine monitoring system.