Skanska Awards Two Scholarships

September 28, 2010

Seattle – Skanska USA Building Inc. has awarded $3,000 academic scholarships to two University of Washington students, Tristie Tajima and Brett Valicoff, as part of the Skanska Scholars program for students pursuing construction management degrees.

“Students who showed a strong passion for construction management in both the classroom and outside participation were the most important factors in choosing this year's recipients,” said Kevin McCain, project executive at Skanska and chairman of the scholarship program. The scholarships were reviewed by Skanska representatives and UW's Construction Management Department faculty.

Both students will graduate in June 2009. Tajima is majoring in architectural studies and construction management, and hopes to work for Skanska as an intern next year. Valicoff is majoring in construction management and is currently an intern with Skanska at the 9th and Stewart project.

The Skanska Scholars program is funded by Skanska's self-perform field operations in the Puget Sound region. Skanska takes pride in self-performing numerous construction-related activities. The Skanska Scholars fund is calculated by the annual amount of concrete, steel and rebar placed by Skanska crafts people in the Puget Sound region. During 2007, Skanska employees poured approximately 90,000 cubic yards of concrete and installed more than 19,500 tons of structural steel and rebar, which provided the $6,000 for the scholarship fund.