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July 1, 2013

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There’s no question that excavators are among the most versatile and productive machines on any job site. Our dealers get a lot of questions about how grade control technology can optimize the full range of that versatility. For example, contractors may do the bulk of their excavation work on smaller and simpler 2D projects like trenching and basements, but may also want to take on larger more complex earthworks construction projects that require 3D capabilities when the opportunity presents itself.

The excavation contractors are concerned that if they invest in a 2D system initially, it won’t be upgradeable to a 3D system when they need that capability. It’s a very valid concern. And, it is exactly why we have developed a system that addresses that concern.

We introduced GCSFlex as an affordable and easy-to-use “system in a case” solution for excavators designed specifically for companies that have not yet invested in machine control. Contractors can start with an easy-to-use 2D system and improve their productivity using the system’s innovative Wi-Fi enabled GNSS positioning and in-field designs.

This year, we extended the versatility of the GCSFlex technology so that contractors can seamlessly upgrade to the full capabilities of our 3D grade control system, and further leverage their initial investment in technology.

Upgrading to 3D capability can expand business opportunities for small-to medium-sized contractors by allowing them to work with the 3D design models and leverage real-time connectivity between the field and office for updated design data, machine production monitoring and more when sub-contracting on larger construction projects.

Upgradeability also lowers the risk for a contractor who is looking to adopt machine control for the first time by giving them what they need today, and the flexibility to have what they need tomorrow. It’s really the ultimate in investment protection for entry into machine control technology.

You can read about one contractor’s experience with GCSFlex here.
And you can find more stories about why and how customers made the decision to implement technology, and what their experience has been, at trimble-productivity.com.

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Johan Smet

Johan Smet is Director of Technology Consulting and Services for Trimble’s Heavy Civil Construction Division. He joined Trimble in 2004 as Director for the Construction Division. Johan holds an Engineering degree from the University of Antwerp, Belgium, and an MBA from the University of California, Berkeley.