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Shell Rotella Greases


Lubricants and Grease

Rotella greases come in four varieties: HD, SD, MP, and ET.

Rotella greases come in four varieties: HD, SD, MP, and ET.

HD (Heavy-Duty) grease is a premium, multipurpose grease for on- and off-road vehicle applications with versatility for industrial equipment use, particularly for bearings operating at high temperature under load, such as disk break-equipped wheel bearings. SD, Special-Duty Moly grease is high-performance, high temp grease for vehicle and equipment lubrication, suited for high shock loads where rapid starts and stops may occur (chassis points, sliding pins, trailer hitches, axle spines).

MP is a multipurpose lithium grease, which is designed for lubrication of on- and off-road general chassis, springs, pivot points, and low-speed bearings in mowers, trailers, lifts, and loader buckets. ET is Extreme Temperature Tacky grease. It’s a lithium complex grease for adhesion and retention on exposed surfaces such as fifth-wheel plate pivots, wheel bearings, springs, trailers, open pivot joints, and weather-exposed equipment.

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