Service Made Simple with Case's New ADTs

By Katie Weiler, Managing Editor | September 28, 2010

Along with its flip-forward hood and swing-out fenders, a tilting cab makes servicing quick and easy.
Case 340
The truck's walking beams, mounted directly to the underside of the frame, work independently of each other and oscillate forward and back, which allows it to traverse uneven ground conditions.
Tier II Iveco engine
Case says its Tier II Iveco engines are more fuel efficient, and they are fully serviceable and under warranty through its dealer network.

Muddy, rainy conditions didn't stop Case from demonstrating two new articulated dump trucks. In fact, it gave the trucks a chance to shine on an otherwise cloudy day. In early December, we were invited to attend a preview of new 35- and 40-ton ADTs with payload capacities from 26 to 29 cubic yards. Previously, the company only offered two models¡ªthe 325 and 330, rated at 25 and 30 tons, respectively. Now, with the addition of the 335 and 340, Case has positioned itself to compete with the larger lines its competitors offer.

Starting with the power train, the driving force of the 335 and 340 is a CNH-supplied Iveco Cursor engine that meets Tier 2 requirements and is anticipated to meet Tier 3 certification, according to Dave Wolf, Case brand marketing manager. The electronically controlled, 13-liter power plant provides 380 and 426 horsepower, respectively. The engines' Variable Geometry Turbocharger (VGT) provides quick response and high torque rise to meet challenging ground conditions.

Both trucks come equipped with ZF transmissions, axles and wheel ends. The front end features an integrated differential mounted on the transmission that transfers power directly to the wheel ends (also known as a transaxle). Case says the benefits of eliminating a drive shaft include fewer parts, less vibration, and less stress, while increasing tractive effort to the front wheels.

Standard limited-slip differentials offer excellent traction by transferring power from the tire that's slipping to the tire that's gripping. The trucks also have four-wheel and six-wheel lock to aid in hauling loads up and down steep, slippery slopes. During my test drive, I had to activate this feature so the truck wouldn't slide down the hills on the haul road. It worked perfectly and kept me on track.

Three types of braking systems are offered as standard equipment. Model 340 has outboard wet-disk service brakes, and the 335 comes with outboard dry-disk brakes. An efficient engine brake provides increased control on steep slopes and, for tough conditions, an engine brake combined with a hydraulic transmission retarder is available.

The two larger haulers offer a long list of new features¡ªboth standard and optional¡ªthat contribute to overall productivity and profitability. The sloping hood has been redesigned with a new lighting package and side access panels. The trucks also sport a wider, straight-rail frame for increased strength and stability.

Case's exclusive (patent-pending) warm-up-circuit option uses the transmission retarder to warm hydraulic oil, which reduces pressure on the seals. Another new feature allows the operator to start the truck at ground level (without a key) using a remote-start control. After the unit is warmed up, the operator inserts the key and is ready to work. Some of the other key features/options include mechanical rear tailgate, safety strut to lock the raised bed, internally mounted dump cylinders, new dump brake, rear-view camera, body heating kit, carrier support bearings for the drive shaft, new cooling package and more.

Operators will also enjoy a new cab. The front console has been totally redesigned with new controls that are larger and easier to use. Detents are available for dump and return functions to free up operators' hands for steering and other controls. It has enhanced side visibility with new floor-to-ceiling glass cab doors. The cab's front, flat glass eliminates distortion and is easier to replace. There is also a new rear window guard that allows access to the rear glass for easy cleaning.

Case emphasized a number of serviceability enhancements for the new trucks. Along with retaining the flip-forward hood and swing-out fenders, a new tilting cab gives technicians access to the driveline, transmission, hydraulic valves and lines. Plus, the outside service platforms are much longer for easier accessibility. Virtually all maintenance checks can be made at ground level via fluid sight glasses and access panels; fuel fill is also at ground level. A standard Lincoln automatic lubrication system continuously greases all lubrication points from a central distribution block, eliminating the need for operators to grease the trucks daily. The level of grease in the central block can be monitored visually without leaving the operator's seat.

Case has also incorporated an EDC monitoring system in the front console that displays information from automatic systems checks that occur when the machine is started. Because the computer is checking fluid levels, temperatures, etc., that minimizes the operator's daily maintenance, although it shouldn't replace a daily walk-around. A new trip computer records key data and keeps track of vital information such as percentage of engine load relative to operating time; average operating temperatures to operating time; percentage of use in converter, lock-up and retarder modes; and percentage of use at various speeds.

"The easier it is to perform daily checks, the more likely they will completed," Wolf said. "We have made it easy for the operator to spend more time on production and less time on daily maintenance."

Estimated list prices for the trucks range from $388,000 for the 335 and $441,000 for the 340.

Basic ADT Specifications (39 tons and over)
Model Net HP Payload Capacity Weight (lbs.) Loading Height
Case 340 426 79,366 63,934 10'2"
Caterpillar 740 415 83,775 72,075 10'4.8"
John Deere 400D 413 81,571 63,603 10'6"
Komatsu HM400-1 430 80,635 66,800 9'9"
Moxy MT41 429 82,012 64,375 10'5"
Terex TA40-820 390 80,470 67,745 10'2"
Volvo A40D 414 81,571 68,938 10'1"