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Sena Tufftalk M Headset


Construction Technology & Software

Communications headsets

The Tufftalk M headset features updates since the company’s original Tufftalk headset launched.

It features Mesh Intercom technology for expanded team coverage and simplified connection, as well as hearing protection, hands-free operation, and multichannel functionality. Tufftalk M is available in an over-the-head version as well as a hard hat version.

Mesh Intercom technology, which is a self-optimizing and self-healing network, is always looking for the best connection and seeking a new one when a device disconnects, the company says. It features two different Mesh modes, Open Mesh and Group Mesh. With Open Mesh, a near-unlimited number of users can connect to each other within an effective range of 0.7 miles. Within Open Mesh, users can use 9 channels to stay in touch with the right team members.

For private sessions, Group Mesh supports up to 24 participants. Tufftalk M also features four Bluetooth connections in order to pair with Sena’s Bluetooth enabled devices, such as the original Tufftalk.

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