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SDLG Brings Two Wheel Loaders to N.A. Market

SDLG is betting that proven technology at significantly lower prices will appeal to price-sensitive buyers of wheel loaders

September 04, 2013

Shandong Lingong Construction Machinery (SDLG), a Chinese subsidiary of Volvo Construction Equipment, recently entered the North American market with two wheel loader models, the 2.4-cubic yard LG938L and the 4.0-cubic yard LG959. Entering North American is the latest phase of the company’s international expansion plan, intended to eventually broaden overall markets for its range of  wheel loader, excavator, motor grader, backhoe and compactor models.

Alan Quinn, who directs SDLG’s North America’s operations, explains what the company intends to bring to buyers here:

“The availability of SDLG machines in North America will provide customers with an alternative when purchasing wheel loaders. We believe that the SDLG promise of high reliability in a value-priced product will appeal to many customers, especially those who would otherwise look at purchasing a used premium machine.”

According to Quinn, SDLG machines “use technology that has been proved reliable for years—for example, ZF axles and transmissions—with established designs that provide cost savings resulting from economies of scale associated with production in China.”  This means, says Quinn, that buyers get a cost-effective, reliable product, “but it might not represent the ultimate in productivity potential or features.” The target price position for the new loaders, he says, is 25 to 30 percent less than that for a premium machine of equivalent capacity.

The initial rollout of the LG938L and LG959 will be with seven dealers and 11 locations, according to Quinn. The overall strategy, he says, is to start with select distribution and a limited product range to ensure “that we can fully execute on the value proposition we offer and to ensure that we can provide the after-sales support that customers expect.” Future distribution will expand through Volvo dealers, with the intent that dealers can build relationships with new customers who appreciate the SDLG philosophy.

SDLG has established a parts distribution facility in Atlanta, Ga., promising overnight shipment throughout North America. Service, says Quinn, will be handled through the Volvo dealer network.

The 23,000-pound LG938L uses a Tier 4-Interim Deutz 6.1 L6 engine rated at 142 net horsepower, and the 194-net horsepower, 38,000-pound LG959 has a Deutz D7E LAE3 engine that meets Tier 3 standards. Features include hydraulic quick coupler, third-function hydraulics, joystick control, load-sensing steering, dry-disc brakes on the LG938L, wet-disc brakes on the LG959, reversible cooling fan, and floor-to-ceiling glass in an air-conditioned cab. Radial tires are an available option.


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