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Schwing’s S 43 SX Pump: Long, Lean and Versatile


Concrete Pumps

Schwing’s S 43 SX Pump: Long, Lean and Versatile

Schwing’s new S 43 SX concrete pump marks the company’s 16th boom pump offering in North America and is the first pump to utilize two boom types in one machine.

The company’s RZ boom design combines the “Roll and Fold” boom with a Z-fold boom at the tip to offer a five-section unit with 918 degrees of total articulation. Schwing says the two boom designs together offer maximum boom maneuverability with a compact travel position.

“It used to be all about reach,” says Tom O’Malley, Schwing’s vice president of Sales & Marketing, at a World of Concrete press conference. “Now it’s about reach and versatility.”

With the 270-degree Z-fold section at the tip of the boom, operators have a myriad of options for placement while shooting concrete up to 138 feet 8 inches vertically, and 125 feet horizontally.

“The reach and the relatively low profile mean the pump can work about 140 feet away from the pour and below floors or obstacles above,” O’Malley says.

The S 43 SX has an unfolding height of 28 feet 6 inches for those low overhead situations. A slewing range of 740 degrees adapts to many job site requirements. Its pipeline is a full 5 inches.

Schwing’s Super X outriggers are designed to be compact, with a fast set-up time. These curved front outriggers telescope out and around obstacles without extending past the truck’s front bumper, allowing placement of the pump as close to the pour area as possible. The S 43 SX requires a 27-foot 1-inch outrigger spread (the spread is the same, front and rear) for maximum stability.

The standard Schwing Vector Control features twin joysticks for proportional boom control and pin-point accuracy. In addition, Schwing says Vector is also the only system providing two-way communication between the pump and operator.

Here’s how it works: an LED display on the remote box informs the operator of operational conditions, including: hydraulic pressure; PTO rpm; strokes per minute; hydraulic oil temperature; and hopper grate status. The system also records critical data that tracks yards per hour to help fleet managers schedule maintenance on the machine more accurately.

The “Generation 3” concrete pump is a low-maintenance, 213-cubic-yard-per-hour unit that provides long, slow-stroking action. The all-hydraulic design utilizes the Schwing Big Rock Valve, promoting maximum filling efficiency of the material cylinders even with harsh mixes.

An open circuit design provides continuous hydraulic oil flow for fuel efficiency, filtration and cooling. The S 43 SX can do infrastructure work, light commercial projects and bridges. In conjunction with the 5-inch pipeline, contractors can perform high-volume pours or provide a slow delivery with infinite volume control.

A 160-gallon water tank on the unit helps with clean-up at the yard or on the job site.

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