Schwing Adds Boom Pump

September 28, 2010

Schwing America has announced the newest addition to its line of truck mounted boom pumps, the S 32 X, updated with a torsion subframe, X outriggers and Slewing Gear Bearing Turntable.

The four section Roll and Fold™ boom reaches 105-feet vertically with 125 mm pipeline. The standard pump kit is the 2025-5 120/80 MPS, providing 178 cubic yards per hour and 1,233 psi at 23 strokes per minute. Schwing’s Vector™ controls provide two-way communication between pump and operator, real time messaging, and displays operating data to help track maintenance and machine performance.

The new pump comes equipped with twin wall Super 3000 pipeline, carbide wear parts, night light kit, and the Big Rock for pumping the harshest mixes. Optional features include auto greasing systems, high pressure washer with wand, and water tank heater.