September 28, 2010

Schwing has announced a four-section 28-meter boom pump, the S 28 X, which replaces the three-section KVM 28 that incorporated a “Roll-and-Fold” boom design. The new S 28 X incorporates a “Roll-and-Fold Z Boom combination,” with the last three sections being of equal length and offering 720 degrees of combined articulation for maximum versatility. The new boom, having a low unfolding height of 19 feet 2 inches, employs Schwing’s Vector System with digital proportional joystick controls and two-way communication between the pump and the operator. An LED display on the remote box informs the operator of such operating parameters as hydraulic pressure, strokes per minute and hydraulic-oil temperature. The Vector System also stores hourly operating data for the concrete pump, PTO, boom, slewing gear and outriggers. This information, says Schwing, can be critical for accurately tracking yards per hour for maintenance intervals. The 2023-4 130/80 SC pump kit is the proven open loop, all-hydraulic design offering 151 cubic yards per hour.