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Sany SY565OTHB 72 Concrete Pump


Construction Lifting & Concrete Placement

Sany SY565OTHB 72 Concrete Pump

Not to be left behind in the concrete-pump height race, Sany claimed at Intermat 2009 a new record with the SY565OTHB 72 concrete pump truck capable of reaching 72-meter heights (more than 237 feet). The Chinese maker had not published specifications at press time, but if the 72-meter pump truck is based on its 66-meter truck’s technology, it theoretically should deliver on the order of 260 cubic yards of concrete per hour. Sany says the pump’s open hydraulic circuit, with electro-hydraulic proportional buffering, reduces reversing shock and oil temperature. Intelligent arm-support damping technology eliminates half of the jitter at the end of the hose, prolonging life of the arm support. Key hydraulic components such as valves and pumps come from worldwide brands including Rexroth, Parker and Vickers.

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