SANY SCC8500 Crawler Crane Rated at 550 Tons

December 20, 2012

SANY SCC8500 lattice-boom crawler crane has a rated lift capacity of 550 tons. The new model, which fills a niche between SANY’s 400- and 600-ton class machines, provides 10 available configurations for main boom, fixed jib, and luffing jib. Maximum main-boom length is 345 feet for the basic machine and 394 feet for the optional UltraLift configuration. The Auto Counterbalance Equalization (ACE) system senses boom angle and uses hydraulic cylinders to automatically adjust the position of the movable upper-works counterweight. A proprietary load-moment indicator detects lifting capacity, boom angle, tip height, and lift radius, and a closed-circuit television system provides in-cab views of all winches, counterweight, and operating areas. The new crane’s sleek cab, styled by the Porsche Design Studio, features a steel frame with added structural plated overhead, reinforced glass, and a heating and air-conditioning system powered by an auxiliary diesel generator.