Sakrete Grout

Staff | September 28, 2010

Sakrete®, North America’s original dry cement mix brand, has developed a Non-Shrink Construction Grout to add to their list of “just add water” products. The grout is non-metallic structural hydraulic cement, specially formulated for high-strength grouting.

Sakrete’s Non-Shrink Construction Grout is used for grouting of concrete that has been poured, precast, til
ted-up and prestressed. It is also used for grouting heavy machinery, sole plates, anchor bolts, steel bearing plates, reinforcing steel in block cells and dowel rods. The non-shrink grout has three different consistencies to ensure easy usage in any project, and is pumpable for easy placement.  It is noncorrosive and will not attack reinforcements used in applications.  It meets the federal specifications ASTM C 1107 and CRD-C 621, while being super-plasticized for improved strength.