Safety Video Explains How to Create an Incident-Free Work Zone


Safety & Security

Image of hardhats.

The Construction Industry Safety Initiative (CISI) has created a series of safety videos with the purpose of improving safety performance within construction firms and the industry as a whole.

Working safely around equipment requires planning and proper training. The first video, titled “CISI - Human Equipment Interface,” addresses how to implement a proper safety plan in order to eliminate construction incidents.

Some of the most pertinent safety tips include getting the operator’s attention before approaching construction equipment. According to CISI, eye contact is not enough; construction workers are strongly urged to alert operators through hand signals.

Assigned spotters are also vital to the construction safety process, especially when dealing with congested project areas. CISI suggests including posters within the equipment to remind operators of the machine’s blind spots.   

The video also stresses the importance of maintaining windows and mirrors to ensure strong visibility, particularly during changing weather conditions.

Through providing the proper training and resources, injury-free work is attainable, says Traylor Bros. Co-president Chris Traylor.