Safety Feature Added to HCSS Field Management Software

Staff | September 28, 2010

HCSS has introduced an easy-to-use safety capability to its HeavyJob® Field Management Software. The new capability enables construction companies to plan safety goals by employee and track them quickly and electronically in software that foremen/superintendents are already using.

Tracking safety information traditionally has been paper-intensive, with valuable information stored in boxes to be used only when an incident occurs, however, this new software takes safety information capture and retrieval to an entirely new level.

Types of safety training, including individual subjects, can be set up for use as a pick-list throughout the company. Each class of employee can then be set up with goals specific to that class. For example, an underground utility foreman might be required to attend 10 "tool-box" meetings per year on trenchbox safety and other subjects to help guarantee that he has sufficient knowledge to protect his workers.

As foremen use HeavyJob daily to enter timecards, diary notes and other field information, they can quickly record safety meetings using an electronic form that describes a meeting's topic and length and the employees who attended it. Since the foreman's crew is already in the computer, logging employee attendance takes only a few seconds. Company safety personnel can use that information to identify employees who have attained the required amount of training and those who might be deficient. Besides field personnel, the software also handles safety requirements for professionals and executives.

Besides tracking the time of meetings, the software also records meeting cost. The total amount spent on safety education by the entire company is readily available if those numbers are needed by its insurance company, OSHA or in court.