Optronics LED Taillights

Oct. 1, 2021

Optronics STL02/03 LED taillights are low-profile, surface-mount lamps that not only take on stop, tail, and turn functions, but also serve as rear and side clearance and marker lamps, and rear and side reflectors. In addition, they come with a license plate light.

The LED taillight’s modular design has also been engineered so that it can be configured into novel lighting assemblies that can easily be customized to meet the preferences of OEMs and fleets alike. The lamps measure 1.25 inches in depth and can be mounted virtually anywhere regulations allow. The lamps are available with stud mounts that enable installation from the rear, and they can also be mounted from the front, using screws or other fastener methods. They are compatible with a wide range of vehicle types, including box trucks, bulk haulers, CNG transports, concrete mixers, cranes, dump bodies, fire and rescue, flatbeds, service bodies, and utility and telecom vehicles.