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Safeguards for Upfitting Pickup Trucks


Cover for Pickup Box Removal Considerations.

NTEA, the Association for the Work Truck Industry, has released a white paper discussing guidelines for removing a new pickup truck’s box in order to upfit it with a vocational truck body.

“Each year, pickup box removal occurs on tens of thousands of new pickup trucks when the OEM pickup box is removed and replaced with a vocational truck body,” according to “Pickup Box Removal Considerations."

“While this may seem straightforward—just swap one body for another—the pickup box plays an important role in the original vehicle’s safety and emissions compliance that cannot be assumed as carryover to another body, regardless of size or shape.”

The document suggests that Federal guidelines for safety should be consulted before removing the box and upfitting a pickup truck. Included in the white paper is a list of standards to be considered.

Some considerations, the paper says, should be evaluated before purchasing the pickup truck for upfitting.

“First, check to see if the vehicle make/model is part of the OEM pickup box removal offering for that model year.” It says. “If not, there is no reason to continue with that specific model, and attention can shift to evaluating a model offered under pickup box removal guidelines.”

Other pre-purchase considerations are included in the white paper.

"Pickup Truck Box Considerations" is available from NTEA for downloaded.

Source: NTEA

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