Rocksaw International

September 28, 2010

Rocksaw InternationalThe Rocksaw International RSMM 1500-D10 Rock Miner, says the manufacturer, cuts rock much like a chainsaw cuts wood. The cutting mechanism consists of four, 36-inch-wide, proprietary cutter chains placed side-by-side. According to Rocksaw, this cutting head is capable of opening a trench 13 feet wide and from 12 to 42 inches deep. The rock is crushed into useable sizes as the cutting process takes place. The spoil can be discharged via conveyor to either side of the machine for loading into trucks or for windrowing. With the cutting chains using their standard tooth pattern, material is processed to an approximate size of 6-inch-minus. Changing the tooth pattern results in larger or smaller material. The new machine weighs 200 tons, uses a Caterpillar engine developing 1,500 horsepower, and has a cutting capacity of between 500 and 750 tons per hour, depending on the material being excavated.